Montag, 27. September 2010


Sory i'm really late.. yesterday. sunday. was a really nice day. i slept kinda long till michele came for ask me if i would like to join a family decision. i said yes and went down. the question was what we are doing today. we could stay at home or visit a lighthouse in the thomb of michigan. we took the second one and went grab all out homework and went into the motorhome. we drove for 2 hours. but it was really fun. star came too with us. when we got there it was reaaally cold. there was too a lil museum about the lighthouse and so we went there and looked around but you couldn't go up on the top of the lighthouse. i draw several things and michelle did also made pictures. Then james saw four deers. (so i saw the first time deers. in michigan..'^^) he wanted to go as close as possible to them. it looked very funny here some pictures:

then michele wanted to go to another place so we went to another lighthouse. it was freezing but sarah and i had a lot of fun there we took a lot of picture. and there i first saw geese like from the movie: amy und die wildgänse...i was such a nice place there. then we went to a place called grainstone. these were the round big stones where you could sharpen your knives nad so. it was really good food.!mmmh =P

then sarah and i went walking with star. and we found a veery nice place!we showed it at michele but then we have to go home. chris and i had to make a science project. the teacher told us we dont have to do it at sunday evening  but we didn't got back earlier. so i worked on my till 00.30 and it wasn't right either..-.- so i hurried up to go to bed and decided to get up earlier for take a shower...see what happend.. next post.

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