Dienstag, 28. September 2010


today was a normal day. i stood up at 6.30 (greg knocked at the door'^^) so i fast took my stuff and went down for breakfast. then i went alone to the busstop sahra got picked up, she asked me if i like to come to but i had to telephone with father, something about fencing. then i went to school and it was like everytime. We watched in US history a very exciting movie about the immigrants at 1820-1920..it was very interesting..  At lunch time i became contact to new peoples. it was really nice. then in sport we went running  for 2 miles. in swimming i nearly died. my legs were really really tired! and the most thing we were doing is kickin..-.-
then when greg came to pick me up i was so tired and hungry like..a pig...'^^ naturally james and chris ate the whole swiss dish..but there were more thing to eat->sandwiches..and salad, spaghetti. today sarah and i had dishes. so i finished it because sarah had to go to the signlanguage.I didn't went because i have to do homework and i like to go to bed early today. tomorrow nina tries to go to the 5 o'clock training... after I did the kitchen I went with star for a walk, every tree gets to be nacked. there are everywhere heaps of leaves on the ground. it's kinda cold. so i went home and take a very warm shower!'^^
then i made my homework and now i'm sitting here and i go probably to bed soon. so good night and have a nice wednesday!
love xxx nina

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