Samstag, 4. September 2010

DAY7. Sahra FELL in the river..'^

heii.. today i wanted too sleep out a bit but it got 9.00 so it wasn't that sleep long.=) i got down and it smelled really really good.  I found out that there are some "waffels" for breakfast. it was only superdupergood. and after that i had to do my chore (this is something everybody of the family have to do something. for example clean the bathroom or do the leaves away by the frontdoor) I had to wipeby the frontdoor as said. so after this sahra and i went to a park. with Star. it was really nice. and we got to a lil' river and then sahra slided down on the moody floor.'^^ it was soo funny (not for her.. but..=) then we got back out of the wood and we went on a playground. it was very windy so we went back to the house and sahra&I went to the shopping mall. it was very big. but Greg said later on that this is a little mal. so o.O here is a picture of the mal inside.. there are cool shops for example american eagle or a store were you can buy dresses for, as this blue one.. so'^^ there is too a cinema..: actually i had only to buy a  card for my cellphone. after we got home we made some hotdogs and marshmellows again.. then spoke with my family over Skype and it was nice.. '^^ Sahra wanted to see "vampire suck" over but you never know how its like with the rules here and so we better watched a DVD.. so we watched "2012." PLEASE THERE WILL NOT BE SUCH A CATASTROPHE AS THERE..PLEASE! ;) so now i'm going to take a shower and get ready for bed.. good night there..<3<3<3
 p.s. sorry about this mess with the pictures i try to make it better next time..=S
back at the "wohnwage.'^^"

our house

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