Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

Day 19.

heii. today i woke up and thought.. why do the nights have to pass so fast...-.-
and i lay there for a half hour and snoozed a bit..'^^
but then i had to hurry up. i had a bit from the oatmeal. its pretty good.'^^ you have cereals and you put water on it and tadaaa.. then i picked up the boodiebags and went to school with sarah and james. it was cold and rainy. in school i went to my locker and got my stuff for the first two hours. james and i spoke for a bit outside and then we had class. in LEC we finished the story "contents of dead mans pocket" then we had to fill out a paper. then in 2nd hour  mister chambers asked me were my watch is and so...'^^ we looked a movie and so it was over i went to my locker and took my stuff for math and science. in science mister tyson told us we had to make a 3D model of the earth and the dif. layers.. do yu have any idea what i can do??=S then we watched too a movie about all the boundary and stuff. so then we had maths we learnd smth about the angels and so... tmorrw there will be a quiz..^^
then i went for lunch. i had a plate with pizza, salad, corn and arizooonaaa. lemon tast.'^^ today i ate by the girls from sports they were veery nice. tommorow i'll eat with morgan and ariell.. i really booked out..=P
so in art we've done the pencilstuff and it was a very nice lesson. there are people who have really skills!! then in sport we went into the weightroom and we've done a lilbit condition..
then i went in a noisless corner and did my homework as much as possible. at 15.45 we went to Alma by bus. and my swim buddies gave me a lunchpack and it was sooooo coool they did awesome stuff in it!! like a handpuppie like kasperli is.'^^ and a lot of snacks and them-----> emily, leila!
then we went to alma and they all were so excited.'^^ luckily i had to swim only 50 free, 100 breaststr.
there we had a great race..we won all the races and the atmosphere was awesome!! so i was soo happi because i bet my record in 50 free.. for 1 SecOOnds!! now i have 34.. and in breaststroke i was like one sec faster..'^^ after the race we got spaghetties and cookies..ah yess and i can now say the cheer when we get in the pool. " midland dow victory!!"'^^ we had like 1 hour to drive home and we were singing the time lond..'^^greg was waiting in the parking lot and then we went home.. it was sooo nice and they are all absolutely cool!! '^^ at home i went under the shower and i'm here now.'^^ so i wish you a nice day or night see yu!!<3

ps: Dow won.=)

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