Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Day 24. 500m!

good evening. today was a exhausted day..
I woke up at 6.05. and lied in bet for a half an hour so i had to hurry up to get dressed. Today i (had to) wear the skirt and pullover. Because i didn't felt that good. Although it was very nice weather. this morning i had first time yoghurt for breackfast(in USA=P) and it was good.!'^^
then i walked with sarah to the bus stop. when we got to shool i immediately went to my locker and then to the firsthour room. there i saw a poster which was signed to our LEC teacher. it was signed from 50 cent.. how cool is that'^^
then i went out and spoke a bit with james and his friend, exchange student from the philipines. In LEC we spoke about how to write a essay. then we began to read a story. In US History we had about the test for tomorrow. we had to fill out a pink paper. its like a pretest for tmorrow. then we got the paper back which we had to hand out. i did quiet well. then in science we made a repetation for the test of friday about all the special names and co. then in geometry we had the test...!!! sometimes i was a bit confused but mostly it went well.'^^ after that, i had lunch and it was really nice to sit next to my friends from sport.'^^
then  in art we began with the drawing of the room. i was reeallyy tired!!! badbad.! then in sport we have to run to labs..(800 m) then we could go and be in the weightroom and check out the machines.'^^
so after this i had plenty time to do my homework we had to meet at 4.oo garry said we have training befor race. so i went out and done a bit homework and write a letter. then i had to go. when i saw the paper which says what do you have to swim it was written: nina kurth n°1 200 madly relay (i had to swim 50 backstroke), n°8 500 freestyle, n°9 50 free, n°11 100 breast...!! i was sooo shocked and thought no way  i can do this!!holymoly. but then after by the meet i was soo excited to try it. at backstroke i did baaad. i got disqualified because i end the wrong side.=S
so it was time for the 500. I jumped in and the only thought was you can do it. eifch dürehalte!! i was sooo tired after but i had the whole club who cheered me and i was so happy that i got it, egual if its 8.09'^^
so then i was too tired for the others but i've done it. at the breasttstroke i got too disqualified because i pushed the feets the wrong way.uuu. after race i went home during i phoned with parents and said what i've done. then i ate noodles and salad. toook a shower and then do homework..US history! now i'm lying here and listen to the rain and the storm out there. love it. hands up who loves this too..see!

so wish you all the nicest and goo to bed earlier because it isn't that funny..'^^
looove you all!!<3<3<3

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