Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

DAY 18.PicturDAy!!

hey out there, today was a really tired day (for me.) i woke up at 5.45 and i really wanted to stay up but i fell asleep and at 6.30 greg woke me up. luckily ..and it was such a bad thing to sleep again because today was pictur day and i had to look nice. and i was like ddhaa? absolutely sleepy to picture day -> NOT. so i did all my best to look a lil bit nice and went to school. it was freeeezing!! luckily we had to take picture in 1rst our so  we went in gymhall and we had to stand in row. so mister frye gave us a paper which we had to hand out this nice women.. then we had to stand in two dif. sides. it was very fast over and we had lesson. in lit. we read a next part of the story we began yesterday. then -> history... we spoke about france and the attacks... and about the islam. then we had again about the industry and so.. in science we spoke about hot spots. very interesting..'^^ for real.=)
then it was time for geometry! there i just found out that there is a equestrian club..(<-riding horses..) maybe i go to look once what they are doing. then i found out too that you don't have to take your backbag with you in class..????why????
so then it was lunchtiiime. before school i met a friend of sahra she's soo nice and i said i'll eat lunch with her.. so we met each other and ate together it was really nice.. for lunch there was kinda nachos and stuff.. i had to go to art luckily i met sahra and we could go together to my room (her locker his right next to artroom.) in art the teacher asked me some questions about swizzerland.. she's really nice. but at the end she asked me: "do i enoying you with my questions. shall i stop... yes`!?" and i didn't understand her right and i said "yes"
drsch nina???
then i we had PE. today we played kickball it was niice.everybody was hanging around and nobody wanted to play for real.. so i was the most time at the kickers place.. and it was funny you have to run over these 4 things  i don't know how they called but at the end i went to the wrong one and they caught me.. so i only said: "sorry i'm an exchange student i don't know how does it work.'^^"
then i had was veery exhausted.. we had a lot of butterfly.!! we had to go too to the weightroom we listened to some music and it was real fun. then i called greg to pick me up. at home i found out that we are going to eat in the youthgroup and so did we. the pastor telled us about the news and then we could eat something there were really good things. like the rice cryspies. like KAREN <3 does. (yours are better.).'^^
then sarah and i went out and played some basketball. sarah won.-.- but easy.peasy. at home i had to make lunch pockets for my buddies. i didn't knew exactli what i should put in there so i did a powerade,chocolate bar, and a banana + bread.'^^

so i'm lying now here realy realy tired! so good night buddyboddy and wish me luck tmorrow SWIMRACE.. :S
all the best.!<3<3<3

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