Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

DAY4. Don't spinn around too FAST!

Today was a fast day. ;)  I wanted to get up at 8.30 am but there was a very strange knocking on the floor so i got up at 8.00..'^^i ate breackfast and so i eated for so long that it was time for the swimtraining. it was so hard i nearly died..'^^
then eat lunch. there were some wrap nd salad..'^^ sahra,tom,james & I watched after that a christmas movie. I had to go to the post office after that and then it was already 5 pm --> training. it was a middle training. so it wasen't so hard a lot stuff with kickers. (we had to use the legs only.) after training there were some hot chicks in the mikrowave..;)  no, in fact there were hamburgers with chickenbarbecue. and salad. after this all had to go in Greg's office to get a shower. in the house there wasn't hot water anymore..'^^
when we got home sahra and I played a little bit true or dare. I had to spin around 10 time and I got so bad that i have to go to bed now..=)

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