Sonntag, 5. September 2010

DAY7,had a call with SHELBY

hello there behind the computers.. ehm todayy was a fully day. I stood up at 8.30 am and was worried about wat i'm going to weare for church.. so when i got down it was 9.30..=) and then sahra told me we wont go in the church and i was like o.O okeiii.. for breakfast there was something like  that in switzerland we cold them (("fötzelschnitte..")). its bred with eggs/milk-stuff on it and then you put cinamon and sugar.. after this sahra asked me for jogging so we made a mile jogging. it was very nice.. what i always see is on nearly every corner there are different churches. so i asked Sahra how many there are..-> 127! =) after this, when we got home Sahra had to made her chore, she had to do the vaquum cleaner on. and so i decided to make this mile again with star..we had much longer but. doesn't matter it was nice weather and star made friends.. '^^ its a big hairy dog.'^^ after this i took a shower and went into the garden and read a book and listen to musig. I also tried to learn spanish for a lil' bit but it was so dificult that  i went inside and had a HotDog. While we were eating Shelby called( one of the other sisters. she's 18 i think..'^^) we had too a very nice talk together unfortunately i'll see her only on christmas. then I helped in the garden. we had to put red vulcano stones in a other corner of the garden but there were so much..(there were snails(das bedütet de schnecke l..i..s..a..) and worms. and bees and naturally squirrels also but not between the stones =P) after this sahra and I tried some dresses on for tomorrow. there will be a renaissancefest. the dresses were hudge..'^^ there is a blue one who is really made for queens.. and a red on which is more for princesses. i prefere a green one which I took from sui.'^^ sahra will take a purple/brown one..'^^ and rylie will have a red one with a hudge hat.'^^ so then sahra wanted to look how i look like when my hair is straight so we sat 2h in the bathroom and chatted while with jooman.'^^ it was really funny. then we had to made corrections of sahras math homework its about add two "Brüche"... ah i nearly forgot MICHELE got home.=) so we had dinner.. we could pick up meat,  cheese and bred.. and while we were eating we watched "the back-up plan". it's so a funny movie..!! i love it.<3 so i'm sitting here and wait till the bathroom get free for taking a shower. I love you all. shure there will be pictures of the renfaire..<3 good night!

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