Mittwoch, 8. September 2010


hellou,( i'm very sorry but i have to make this blogthing today a bit shorter, because i'm soo tired.)
so i got up at 6.00 had a banana and tea. got to school by bus.. got the locker open for super 1rst time alone!!!yeah! and had lessons..-> lunch today there was a pizza too and salad and twix..'^^ 
after this i had art. we are going to do a sketchbook. -> sports. we had training in the kraftrum. and then got  ready for swimming. luckily i needn't do a biiig race. i only have to do sprints. like 50m freestyle. then we got a locker in the varsity sports room. went home then we eat something and as nina is she forgot her homework at school so when we got chris to band thing i could go with and take my paper. as i waited for michele there were soooooo many musicians.. like 50..'^^ they were marchin also..'^^ at home i took a shower and  then i had to do my homework.. so i put my books which i got in paper.. and i had to fill out a paper for science. so tomorrow RACE!! all the best out there..<3<3<3 night

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