Freitag, 17. September 2010

Day20. FIRST fOOTBALgame!!yeah baby!( we lost but =D)

 so here we are again. today like everyday i woke up at 6.30 quik visit in kitchen and towards school..->

So here we are at dow high and as we walked trough the hall:

Sarah and i spoke about the game tonight. So we went to my locker ... first picture is the u-hall in the morning. tell you while real school it's a lot more crowded.

so and then i went in my first hour class where i put my stuff. because i have always a looot of books  though... 
Then i went with sarah in the cafeteria for meet some friends of her. They are reaallyy nice. 

So it was time for 1rst class we had some gramatical stuff.. hurry up to 2nd hour. Here you can see my favorit classroom from us history. you can too see sarah, justin and felischa..'^^(don't know how to spell soryy..)

Because there was a game tonight  we had to stand outside and watch the marchin:

At the end of the video yu can short hear the song of the chargers.. so after this we to go in the library for history to work on the labs.. everybody had a laptop.. i think that is cool’^^

So after this i hurry up to my locker and got my science and maths books and get in the room->

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In science we had earthquake and stuff and in maths weh ad the second quiz. Then LUNCH time.. there i met morgan and ariel (the girls from the morning.) for food there was salad spaghetties, arizona, and a bred with a wiener..’^^all togheter $4 ..o.O
Then hurry up in art and i had to go on with my drawing. I’ll picture it when i’m in sport we had a pull-up test. But as every lesson we took  first attendence then we run 3 min. so after you were warmed up we had the test...uuuh
You could choose between pull- ups or chin-up. by the pull-ups you had to pull yourselve up as much times as you can.. by the chin-up you had to stay up with the chin over the ironstick.. i took the chin-up. I held myselve 62 sec. Up there i was trembling on the whole buddy. When i got down i couldn’t strech my arm out i think 10 min later i was still trembling..horor!
So after this there was a meet of the whole school.. it was awesome. Made some videos.look..

After this we had a spezial swim training. Here are pictures from the girls and the pool.. 

i went with james.. chris was playing in the orchester and it was awesommeee!!! First james and i sat by the parents sector. And the teenies were nowhere and as the orchester went down on the field we saw them they were behind the orchester..’^^the adults were looking very strange and the probably thought:“what the heck.are they doing here.“ I learned a lot about football and it was nice.--> video sadly we lost 14 to 7 but it was cool.. then the best came.. james said he wants a pop(drink) and so we went down to the snackbar and he ordered me a sunkiss (->fanta)
And i bought him a popcorn and as we turned to the field to watch them.. they were finished..=P so we were a bit late..but it was very funny with james.. the most time we didn’t understand each other and we just said mhm.’^^
So we waited for greg and as he came james said: shakan. And do you now what that means?? It’s the word that you can sit in front of the car.. so we learned again something’^^
 Then at home i went in my room and watched longest yard and finished eat my popcorn. A lonely girls evening.’^^
Tomorrow i had to get up early the boys wanna go running at 7 o’clock..phu. go with them..’^^ and tommorow we are going too to kokomos..(

Wish you a nice saturday.. love you.


before training i had time to phone my supersister and parents @ suisse..
So we learned how to do fast flipturns and starts. At 5 o’clock greg got me and we went home to go take a shower , have dinner(macaronies, hamburgers..) and then go to the GAME..’^^.. 

PS: the videos are coming but not today.. i'm too tired for waiting SORRY!!! <3

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