Montag, 20. September 2010


Hei there. Today was a sick day.(for me..'^^)
Okei i got up at 6.35, too late. I hurried up for get some breackfast and then I went with sarab to the bus. It was very nice to see the morning ambience I like it. At the bus stop i phoned with my mother and we talked a bit about all the things going on. The bus was really too late. We got to school at 7.25. I hurried up to get to my locker and today was the first day that I didn't carried up all the stuff i need for english and history. Sarah told me i shouldn't do that it looks nerdie..'^^
so i had literature and mister Frye read us a story about a kid who is very poor. Then we had to write our second journal about: be true to yourself.. then in the break i hurried up  my locker and took my history stuff. In history we had again about the industry strikes and workers in fabrics. In science we learned about folds and that stuff. Then we had to work in the computer room to find out the questions who where given. In geometry we got our quizes back. I had 27/30.. Those were very simple faults which i'm not so proud of.=D So at lunch time I had a pizza and corn, salad a apple and a twix. I went to Philipp, Justin, Felicia.. It was funny. After lunch I met Morgan we spoke a bit then I had to go to art. There we had the topic perspective, and we had to give back the painting with shadows. Tomorrow we have to bring a picture of a room or something which we are going to draw.. I'll bring the picture of my grandmothers bedroom-> Bed&Breakfast.
The one with the sun in the middle.'^^
Then we had sport. We didn't done a lot. Running for 3min. Walking for 10 min. After this the teacher told us the rules from the weightroom and then we played a game which i didn't quite understood.
After sport I had swimpractise. I was really not in it to do it. I was soo tired and a bit sick. But like Greg always says-> Your a taff swiss girl. You can do it '^^ It wasn't that heavy we learned how we kick the best and how to do the flipturn and and.. After training we went in the weightroom and I went on the hometrainer for running. I ran a mile with diferent speeds. (like i do normally) when i got off Garry came up to me and told me he would put me in the long distance group when i can run like this..--> =S HELP PLEASE NO..! '^^ So he offered maybe we can make a triathlete out of me.. That would fit me better. '^^ So i went and pulled some weights. In the locker room i got a invitation from Ariel for going on a flight in a plane with her and amanda. And Ariel would fly..UUUUH YES. She told me they would go when the trees are colored. I'm so excited.. As i got into the car to Greg he asked me if i had fitnessroom.
So he was waiting there for 45 min.. UPS forgot to told him.. When we got home the others were eating, so we sat too at the table and ate smth. After dinner I took a shower and tried out my outfit for tmorrow because the dresscode from swimmers is dressup. When i've got my things together I started to do my homework. There is a test in geometry tmorrow so i couldn't go with Sarah to church. So wish me luck for the race tmorrow and the test. ;) Shure I wish you all the best too.!!! greetings and good night a todos.
grüessli.! <3<3<3

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