Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


hi, there. i had a nice day... So it started with a very tired morning. Stood up and get dressed. Then got my yoghurt and brushed my teeth (there was a letter on the counter for me!!! i decided to read it in school) then say goodbye and walked with sarah to bus stop. The guess what..The bus came and we had a ride to school. In school i went to my locker and take my stuff from first lesson and put them in the room. Then i went in the library and read the letter from my grandparents. It was soo nice to hear news from them.!! and they send me too a cuple of newspaperpieces from the schwingerkönig. that i could show them our tradition and co. then i had first lesson. and we had a little quiz about ''the essay''.
then in history we had the big test. i could use the dictionary. but i didn't done so good.=S --> 17 out of 25. but mister chambers said i have A- in the class so.. after history i had to hurry up to science. there we've done too a quiz, more a game. about the different names and designations (bezeichnungen) about the whole topic we had in the last 2 weeks. we have to work in partners. one say three clues and the other had to find out. you played always in different groups and you have to play against each other. so when my group didn't knew the name of the searched word you had to give the paper to the other group and so on. in geometry we begun with a new topic. how to find out the middle of a line. and co. Then--> LUNCHTIIME.. it was nice i tried today something new. like the wrapped salad from was delicious. i sat next to morgan and ariell. it was very nice. after that i had to hurry up for art. and we continue with drawing. We got our drawings back witch we had to turn in on monday. I got a A.  Like it. '^^
then in sport we had to run 2 miles on the lab. in the curves you have to walk and on the long sides you had to run. but it doesn't really made sence to me so i ran the whole time. ((On wednesday there are always such nice tennis player.. so i everytime find a tennisball to throw it to them.=P)) that was actually all of what we had to do. there was a really booring spare teacher. he was speaking in slooow motion. '^^
in swimpractise we had to swim a lot of backstrokes and then several free and breast stroke sprints. at the end we swam little competitions= butterfly and free. it was nice. I always get better at the flipturns. like it muchissimo.'^^ then we had to go to dryland.(kraftruum) there Garry showed us strechingpossibilities for streching our feets and legs. then i ran for a mile and made some arm weightlifting. after dryland i get my stuff and waited for michele and sarah. they brought chris for the orchestra  and took me home. at home there was some chili waiting for me and cornmuffin.
I had to hurry up because we had to go to youth club and i didn't took a shower yet and i too had to do dishes.. I quickly took the shower and then we went to youth club. It was funny, though. we had to present ourselves and then we made a name game. everybody have to write three trues about her/himself and then we had to give it to the teacher. he gave someone a piece of paper this guy has to read it out loud and we had to guess who it is. i wrot: curly hair, talkative and swimmer. Mines is tooken at the very end so..after this i had a chat with sohia.(--> sweden girl which was in the camp) we were talking about the weekend-> kokomos..'^^ and i had some donats and cider.
Sarah and i went outside and played some football. with the guys.(only throwing the ball from the otherside to thissde.) then we had to drive home. we went with the mustand and it was kinda closely at the backseat. because there was james,me and sarah. and i was really squeezed  in the middle.'^^
then Sarah and I had to finish the dishes and clean up the kitchen. I had to do homework for science after this and now i'm sitting here and writing and writing...

(tmorrow swimm meet..50 free; 100 free...)

okey love yu all.<3<3 good night or nice thursday!all the best

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