Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Day 12. GO Dow GO!!!!!

heii how are you today.? i'm doing fine..! today was a really guuuud day! i got up at 6.15 what  was really late!! -.- but i hurry up and i was faster ready than the boyz. i have to carry a lot of stuff to school it's horrible what absolutely heavy books the school have.'^^ as we walked to the busstop. james forgot his l 6 lunch. so i runs back and took it. i phoned my parents and we had a talk bout the swiming which was at 6.00. as we got into school i made my plan where, and what i have to pick(books, folder. and and.) for get into classes. i don't know if you can recognize it but there is my plan for walk..'^^

so then i went in my classroom-> english.. first we had to do the attendance thing if everybody is here. then we read the text till the end. it was a story about climbers at the mount everest. then we had to do a journal about ourselves. what makes us unique. then i had to hurry up to us history because I go and buy a water.. so I plan everything how fast i have to walk.. its so dif. because in swiss i had 10 min break. so in history we had reconstruction it was pretty interesting. then the teacher loves watches. he said yesterday i have to bring my swiss watch.'^^ then i had really to hurry because my locker is in the U-hall i don't know if you find it. it's the purple stripe up in the the upper one it's the yellow rectangle.i don't know if you can see it but in the 1rst picture i signed the rooms from the dif. classes. and the way to get there..'^^
so we had science and there we had the same subject as in the Tertia. but i forgot a lot and i didn't knew a few words so i think i haven't got a lot of points in a pretest..'^^
our teacher read from a book and he told us he will read few more times.. he and the history teacher got the CO teacher.. thats nice. and then i could stay in the room because i have geometry..that was pretty easy. we have pattern and algebra.. for example 1,2,5,10,17.... whats the next number.. (26.. you have to add alway odds) i learned what odd's are.. and even's... odds: 1,3,5,7,9... even:2,4,6,8...then i had lunch. actually we we would go with the swim team in a restaurant but they havent got enough places to sit so i eated with my friends..'^^ i had a sandwich a arizona peach..(-->nicole ;) and melons...salad..
then i went directly to the art room and i finished my sketchbook. i'll make a picture and you will see it. after this class we've got PE. i have now my own locker. N° 488...then we got upstairs and we had to run for 4 min. after this we went down in the gymhall. to make sprints. the teacher took time. and then we have to make for 1min situps. i made 51. but it wasn't the stomach which hurted it was my back.'^^because i banged all the time on the floor..=P
so then i was ready for the swim meet. but nobody was in the varsity locker room so i asked ariel who just passed me and she told me we meet at 4.45 pm so i had to wait for 2h..-.- i went in the library to finish my homework. there was james and i went to him at the table. i telephoned at michele when she has to pick me up. then a woman came and told me that the cellphones should be shut down..=S james explained me too that i couldn't take my school bag with me.. luckily the librarywomen didnt saw me..'^^then i went with james to the soccertrainer and j. had to tell him that he has to stop soccer for a while of the matter of his ankle.. then we went in the cafeteria and there i met some from the swim team. there were cheerleaders who had training and it was funny to watch them with the pompons.'^^ then we went into the varsitylockerroom for change into the badingsuit. first i was shocked because i didn't remembered the lockercode!!=S luckily i got him and i change my clothes. then we went for warm up. i got one of the absolutely cool charger cabs.! and then i became a gift of my swimbuddies. a yellow ribon. they say we have to wear them tomorrow so..'^^ buddies are nice girls who give you gifts and they put smth at your lockr..''^^ then we went in the lockerroom and it was AWESOME. they've got so much cheers. it's unbelivebel. and this whole motivation i never saw this before it was so cool.!=) then we went in the swimming hall and every body said a rime and clapped their hands. and then we went in a circel and they were screaming pretty nice cheers..'^^ it was absolutely georgeous. then we have to stand in a row and summ to the hymne of USA on arm on the shoulder of the girl in front of you and then the right hand on your heart. the whole "publikum" stand up too and it was nice. then there were the competitions... i had to do 200 reley madley. there are 4 people one does 50 breststroke, one 50 butterfly, one 50 backstroke and i did 50 freestyle. then i had to do 50 freestyle. i had 35. sec. my new highscore...'^^ then 200 relay freestyle..again with 3 other girls.. i had to do 50. then my last one was 400 relay there everybody have to do 100 freestyle but i was very bad i did very bad turns..there were girls who had to do 500 yards..-> 20 rounds.. or butterflys 100 and and and... i think i wasn't screaming that loud in the last time it was awesome everybody supported everybody. and it was nice.. good joob girlz.. we had to swim against felton. we won at the end and i was tired and cold because in the swimming hall it was freeeeezing i had blue lips and nails..brrr.. then i took a shower and in the lockerroom the girls were singing always.. theyre rymes..'^^ then we became pizza and apples and cookies from a mother from there.. it was perfect..  greg picked me up and we went home then i had a salad and then sahra said she will come to DOW.. yeah.'^^
so i had to pack for the weekend. there is a exchange camp and michelle will pick me up directly after school.. i cannot take the laptop into camp neither the cellphone or any electrical thing so i'll tell you things at sunday.'^^
see you soon!!! Have a nice weekend. loove you all!!ttyl xxx <3<3<3

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