Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

day 34.triiicities!!

today there was a swimmmeet. so we had to dress up. we decided to put on fancy leggins,shorts and our swimm t-shirts. so i put on what they said and prepared the buddybags. when we wanted to walk to busstation it was raining cats and dogs.!! so i picked up tom's umbrella and we went. it doesn't made so much against the rain but at least we got wet not that bad. school was like everytime. you could really see who is in the swimteam or not. there were some craazy leggins in the hallway.'^^at 12.45 all the swimmers were excused from garry to go to the meet. i made some pictures:
we got buddybags and patatoes. then when we got to haritage we hurried up for go changing our clothes. then we had to warm up. tricities is a meet with several clubs. so it was really full. after 25 min we had to go out and then we were going waiting in the locker for warm up again for 5 min. in the locker room we paige had her speech which was like every time very convincingly. And we were ready. so we had 5 more minutes to warm up. then the meet began. and there were so many girls so there were too many heats. we got home at 9.20.. it was really a long meet. i luckily had only to do 50 and 100 freestyle. i was very happy beat my personal record... 50 free-> 32.97 and 100 free->1.15.... also when it's only a second..;P
then there were a lot more races and we, the once who were finished or didn't have to swim we were chearing veeery loud.. different to the other pools was that the chairs were really high.. the chargers..dow high, us weren't that bad there were some girlz who where qualified for saturday.. and i think i have to go cheering. after the final we are going to applebees and then we're going to one of the swimmers home and we are doing a sleepover we are going to watch several disneymovies.  when we went to the bus for home we got 2 pieces of pizza and a buddybag with apple sweets and midland greg was waiting at the school and so he picked me up for home and there i took a shower and homework and now i'm writing the bLOG.! so i wish yu a nice day all the best ... xxx nina..

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