Montag, 6. September 2010

DAY 8. Renfaire day!

today was a lot-happening day. Sahra and I got up at 5.30 for making princesses out of us.'^^ we made our hair and put make-up on. i wear the green one and sahra was going to wear the blue one. but she wanted to put it on at the renfaire. so in the car everybody was sleeping except greg he has to drive,james he made some homework, and i i read a book, as we got there the boys and sahre dressed up and we got in there. and it was awesome!! it's hudge and there is everything what you can have.. dresses, make up, hairstuff, soaps, every kind of food from asia till cupcakes..'^^ and there were sores and on each corner there were bands and people who making funny things, there were a jail which you could pay $3 and put your friend in jail..=) there was too a track were knights on horses fighting against each other.. two of my hostsister/brother came too with theyr family. actually we were here of the matter of lily she turned 2 today so it was her day..'^^ (i put some picture, lily is the girl in the pink dress..) later we were also at shows.. maybe you know  the ded bob sho. and and and. then it's got raining and very cold.! mishelle put his son into the prison it was funny greg had to go too..chris and james paid for it.'^^ then rylie and lily had a tea with the fairys and there were such nice cupcakes that i had to buy too once'^^ shure i made also some shopping. there were a really beautiful store which take out parts of coins with a "loubsägeli". there were too swiss francs as you can see(down).. then we got home and on the road we went in a mexican restaurant. it was very good. the cool thing is here you can pay for one coke/sprite/water.... and they always come and fill the glass always up..'^^ then while we drove the  next part home we "children" play a game called would you rather... when we got home i had to pack for tomorrow--> first schoolday.. sahra helped me a bit for importent informations. so i have to go at the 7.00 school bus. then i took a shower and now i'm lying here and i'm so nervous about tomorrow.!^^ hope nothing goes wrong. so see you and i'll write you guys tomorrow...see you .<3<3<3



so good night or morning or evening!

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