Freitag, 24. September 2010 outlook..

this morning i had to ged up a bit earlier. But i didn't did it so i get up at 6.30. When i was dressed i went down. get my breakfast and after brushing greg gave me a ride to the school. there i met joe. on guy from the geometryclass. I couldn't be with him that long because i had to be in the library at 7.10. so i hurried up to my locke and went to the library. there was the camp outlook, a few people. I met very nice people. some faces i knew and james was there too. he was very curious why i had a ride and he doesn't'^^
then we also get some donauts, beagles and and... then the bell rang and i had to go to english class. today we had to make our journal. we had to write what was our biggest lesson and then too what was our biggest experience. i didn't knew what to write so i'll do it tmorrow. then history we had to read smth. in geoscience I had a test.! it went well it was quiet easy. then in geomtry it was quiet easy. we did something with angels. at lunch i had a wrapped salad. then i ate by morgan and ariel. in art I went further with my drawing. then in sports we had teamsportsday..whuuhuu..! then in swim practise i became a lockersign from emily( a buddy from me.) this training was quiet hard. i've got a real sore in my legs. then michele came and picked me up.we went home and there were a bowl of noodles and salad it was very good. after dinner we watched a movie called letters to juliette. it's such a nice movie. for all girls you have to see this movie!!->
now i'm lying here and i'm soooooo tired! good night everybody..<3<3<3<3

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