Sonntag, 19. September 2010

day 22. sunday!

today was a nice day. I wanted to stand up at 8.00 but there wasn't actually a reason to stand up so early so slept for 1.30 hour more. then i stood up and dressed me up for church. i had dryweed for breakfast. i don't like it that much so i went out for learning some spanish words..'^^
then we went to church by foot. and we sang and we listen to the preacher. after the service we went home. during the service it was raining. so it was quitly cooled down maybe is this the reason that i'm kinda sick now. then i skyped a bit with raheldear! <3
but i had to go quick for lunch there was a tacosalad. it was awesome. you take lettuce and meet and cheese and tomateos and salsa.. and whatever you want and then you have to crunsh tacochips on your salad. its really good. after lunch we went to the mall for buy some stuff for everything. i bought some sportsocks a swimcap a pair of swimglasses. and stuff for school and for my swimbuddies. and a t-shirt.
when we got home i was really tired but i had to do my homework so i finished my historyproject and then i went with star for a walk. when we got back i finished my drawing in art and then tom cames and told me there is dinner and we would watching a movie with chacky chan. chacky chan was in the movie for about 3 minutes..;) it was a chinesemovie and it was funny.'^^
so after that i took a shower and then i went in my supercool bed and now i'm writing you..'^^

ehm about the videos from yesterday ehm i'll do it but i have to look up how it works promis i'll do it..

all the best you guys and all have a nice week.
in love nina

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