Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

day51. biketrip trough midland

today i woke up early because i though we were going to the early church service. but we were going to the second one so i ate a yoghourt. then michelle cooked some cinamon cookies and we ate them too. then i decided to stay home instead of going to church because i didn't felt that good. still coughing.. while they were going to church i looked the movie: the blind side. it's a very nice movie. then i read a little bit. at lunchtime we ate lunch. there was meatloaf and a potatoecake. it was pretty good. then i took my camera and went with my bike to dow garden. luckily there were big signs where i had to go. for dow garden you have to pay $1 dollar when you are a student. otherwise you have to pay $5. it's a great park with a lot to look at. and everywhere you could see familys which take pictures with proffessional photographer. Or senior students. there were  a loooot of trees and little streams. it was very nice. the sun was shining too so it was awwesomme. here are pictures:

It was really nice then i drove to the tridge. luckily i found a lil map from midland so i found the tridge. it's very famous. it is a bridge but with three ''arms''. then i went to to the chippawassee park there is too a skateboardpark and a hudge grasspark and a dogagilitypark. it's really pretty.

then i tried to find the way back home. i wasn't that sure but i know i had to go to the jefferson street. i had only to ask once. but they didn't know it so i drove all the jefferson street down and finally found nakoma drive. it was veeeeery nice. i'll go there more. i promised myself. then at home we ate cheesefondue and it ws reeeaaly good we looked a movie while we ate. it was more for the girls. it the sadsadsadsad movie: ''my sisters keeper''
then i took a shower and now i'm lying here tired and coughing..
so i wish everyone a nice monday and good schoolstart my friends!! especially lisa..<3
all the best and love yu

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