Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

day39. dressshoooping!

today, the they started "perfect.." i stood up too late so it didn't reach me for get breakfast, i headed up to school and there i got my breackfaast.. some cereals and so.. then i went to my first class where i had a lil test about characterization. then we went to the labs. the other hours where like everytimel. in sport we went on the track and we had to run 2 miles. In swimming we did a lot of kickin and turns. because i had to leave earlier garry put me in a faster lane so i had to speed up at the end. I watched how many km we are swimming-> 6,500. I got the teamsweater and the warm-up trainer today it's so nice. at 4.45 michelle came and picked me up and so we went to the eyedoctor for contacs. I can go tmorrow for picking them up. then michelle asked me where i would go dressshopping. I could choose between midland mall or saginaw mall. We went to the biger one.. saginaw. It's about a half an hour away from me. so as we got there we looked up for a dress. there are sooo many. One i liked very much but we went further. between we eat something then we went to other stores. finally i took the first one. its a puffy black/kind of gold one. i'll do a picture tmorrow. so now shoes.. there are soo much but a lot were a bit too high. so I finally found once but this store haven't got these in the right size. so this store phoned the store in Bay city and asked them if they have this kind of shoes in my size.(7 1/2= 37.5) luckily they had these and we went there to take them. michelle parked at the other end of the mall so we had to hurry up(we had 9 min left..'^^) i tried them on and they were perfect so i bought them and we went outside..(i really recommend this malls.. there are cool stores) then we took the wrong road and we had to stop somewhere and ask. we went to a icecreamstore and eat smth. then we drove home.. it was sooo nice and fun. Thank you michelle.!
a lot of love for all nina <3 xxx

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