Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010


today i got up earlier for printing out my geografie speech but i couldn't because i spend too much time on dress and searching my stuff for school so i had to do it in school. it was a clear night so it was very chilly this morning. when we walked to the bus st. i telephoned at homehome.. then at school i went into the library there i wanted to print out my stuff but it doesn't worked so .. cool nice.. i decided to tell the teachter.. so then i had english and it was nice. in history we had class about immigration and stuff.. in geoscience i had my speech about the landslide in mexico it went good and mr. theisen wasn't that mad about that. at lunch i had a piece pizza from paige. it was her birthday today!! in art i went further with my drawing.. In sport we did kickball. It's near the game "Völkerball" then i had swiimmmming. i was very tired after training. so at home i ate something then sarah and I tried to do a bonfire but we didn't went after we got it started to there. i went upstairs and i talked over skype with my fam. at sui and i saw the first time LILY... she is AWESOME cute!! so sweeet... then i went down i chose a movie for me..but first i had to do homework and while i fininshed my drawing for art i watched 50 first dates..-> so cool movie..'^^
now i'm sitting here very tired. so goooood night!!! love yu

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