Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

day 56. dowspirit!! DOW high woonnn!!!24-0!!!!

today was a veeery special day. i loved it!! i got up at 4.30 for the morning practise. i took my stuff and went down. there was greg waiting for me and then we went to the school. today we had practise with renee. it was a very nice practise. the water was warm and we had a lot of fun. so after practise we went in the lockerroom and changed and had a beagle with strawberrycream and strawberries. it was very good!! then today was the theme of dow spirit. so all the people dressed in the dow high colors. it was veery nice. in second hour we had a marching (which mr. chambers always hate.=P) it was very fun. so then there was a essembly coming on and we had no sport. we had only to play a little bit basketball or other stuff. with the teamsports people. then the essembly came on. it was soooo cool the band was playing and the poms and the cheerleading was there 2. and there were too some competitions from each classes. there were too two teachers who were rapping. and a teacher came as a fortuneteller for the game tonight. it was really fun! then i went home and we had to hurry up for get to the opticdocter. Sarah gets glasses. on the way there there were midland high guys driving around and they were screaming at us...go chemics... we naturally shouted back.'^^go DOW! then we got the docter. sarah had to do some tests. it was fun. i got there because of the lenses. at the end we got both a lollipop. it was very nice. then sarah could chose  glasses. she decided very fast.. superduper girl. then we went home. i went skyping with my sisterluv lisa and her friend was fun. or not??=P
then ariell came and picked me up for going to THE GAME! as we came there it was fully crowded i think whole midland was there it was HUDGE.! it was eight years ago dow got beat from midland high. but they played awesome and we won 24-0 ... it was a LOOOT of fun with my swimfriends..'^^so when the was finished we went on the field and it was really fun, everybody was happy. (shure only the people from dow..). then ariell and i went home. she brought me home. there i went upstairs and i'm now sitting here... here are some more pictures of the game.:

have a nice evening!!
love you guys!! nina<3

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