Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

day outlookmember!!

today i woke up very fast then i got ready for breackfast. there was a selfmade bred from michelle and it was delicious. then i went to school during we were on the bus i talked to my grandparents. it was nice and funny. in school we watched in first hour the movie further. in history we had a really sad theme. How the usarmy was by the philippines, imperialism.. it's really sad.  then in third hour we began to buil a poster about a volcanotype. then in fourth hour i had a mathtest. i did quiet well---> 27/28
then i recieved a pass that i have to be at 11.30 in the mediacenter. so i went there and there were a lot of people. then there were too two teacher who said that we were selected to go to the CAMP OUTLOOK!!! so someone nominated me and then there were 120 nominated teens. the staff of camp outlook looked at each of these 120 and took 60 out of it. so i was one of this sixty. and i have no clue who nominated me..'^^
camp outlook is a camp, we are going to the camp roadary and it's quiet the same as the kimball camp. the teachers said when we come back we wont be the same people .. so uuuuh..'^^
then i went back to take lunch. i had a soup witch i have to cook in the microwave. i did in there and i forgot to take off the silver deck. so by the time it was sparkling inside and when i opened it , there were flames!! help! i took it out as fast as possible and while doing this some of the soup swaped on my finger and i got burned. ( a bit..=P) so after this drama i went to megan and ariell and finish eating my lunch. in art i finally really finished with my drawing so i can go and paint on it now. then in sport we learned stuff bout muscles. i went home with the bus. sarah was on the bus too we had a lot of fun walking home. at home i wanted to do smth but didn't really feel that good. and i used to have a meet today evening. then greg came and said that we are going to the italian restaurant. i had a lasgne. but i couldn't eat all so i took the rest home for tomorrow lunch. then michelle and i went to garry and told him that i don't go to the meet and the next 2 practise i need a lil break. so i went home then immediatly to the mall. with michelle. we went to buy a downblanket. and i too buy some other stuff. then we went home and i write now the blog... so good night and bless you all have a nice friday!! <3<3<3

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