Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Day 49.halloween city!

This morning i stood up early but very kuddeling. the new planket is awesome!! So i got up and headed down got breackfast and go to the bus stop. there the boys were joking around with me and somehow i destroyed my lovely ugg. (that are those very famous boots, they are famous here...-->)
so after this disaster i went to school. first when i was in school i went in the mediacenter and read in my book.
then we watched superman. But not till the end. it's  a awesome movie. i love it!
then in history we had first the marching again because they are playing at home. then we had to do a paper about the panama canal in the lab. sarah and I worked together we had a lot of fun, but you don't have to forgot that we worked very serious. Then in geoscience we finished our project. we were very shocked because there were people who stole our ribon.!! for real?!!! seriously..i made a new one but it's really mean from them..
then in math we had normal class. at lunch i ate with the swimteam. then in art i finally got my drawing painted out..whooo..'^^
then in sport we played tennis. i didn't call this tennis maybe ''it's still bouncing..get it!'' =P
then i went home with my dear sister in the bus there was hunter too. he was so funny. he ment that i can't understand english.. and he always asked sarah that she has to ask me..=P
and then i told him that i understand english and after this hunter asked sarah behing his backbag..: ''does she understand me??'' It was hilarious..=D
then at home we ate dinner and then michelle, sarah & me went lil bit around and bought different things. i for example bought stamps. then we too went to the mall in saginaw to buy plankets for the babies. i bought too different things. for example in a childrens shop i bought this awesome t-shirt (the bones glow  in the dark!!!!!!!!isn't that kuul!!):

then we went too in the halloween city shop and it was awesome.. there you could get EVERYTHING what has something to do with halloween. it was creepy but nice!
so we got home and now i'm sitting here.. wish you a nice saturday.. all the best!! xxx nina

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