Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

day 62. DOW beat MIDLAND whoohooo

hei there, today was dress up day and i went to school  by a skirt it was freezing outside so i walked faster over there. in school it was always the same we had like every lesson new stuff but it was always the same. so then at lunch i could go with friends to subway and ate there it was a looot of fun and i liked it soo much it was nice!
then in sport we did again the lifting things and then i went home. there michelle picked me up for go to the opticshop to get my lences. then we went too to the post office for send my present for my grandmother and lisa.. it'll take 10 days so it's coming there exactly the right time. then we went home and i had mashed patatoe. then we had to hurry up for swimmmeat. i came exactly at the right time. then i swam the madly relay we got fifth and then i had to do too the 50's event. there i got my new record.. the old: 32.97 new one: 32.76..jeee'^^
then i took a shower and changed because i was finished. midland high got her seniorate today and it ws a looot of fun. then there was too diving.. at the end we won. GO DOW!!
then michelle came and picked me up and i ate dinner. then i went to the computer and did some homework, and now i'm sitting here... have a nice day and a lots of greetings. loooove nina!!

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