Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

41. swimmmeeet heritage!

today i had to hurry up for doing a lot of stuff. Buddybag, put clothes on, take my homework, eat a yoghurt and and. then i head up to the bus and at school i did have a nice morning. In the beginning of history there  was a marching through the halway and it was fun, thought. then in geoscience we had a test bout earthquakes. when yu were finished iwe became a journal from dow high. it appears every month and its pretty's like blick am abend. you have interviews with the pupils. it's awesome!! then in geography i got the test back. i had 61/65.. so then at lunch i had a lunchbag from home. it was a soup  and i think it was a bit tooo hot. i literally burned my teeths. so then in art we always . then in sport we did soccer. then there was essemböy from school where everbodys coming. then i went home when we got there i had togoo and take my stuff for swim meet. (okei i have to do it quickly i'm soo tired sory.. )  so we got in the bus and we got a potato like everyrace. then at heritage. warm up and i have to swim 5o' breast, 50' free. 100' free, 100'free  (we got first at this one..=P)
then sadly they beat us. after we got home i went tp the bonfire but there wasn't a lot going on. agfter this  greg came and took me and i took a shower now i'm lying here and very exciting for going sleep. because there isn't school tmorrow. so have a nice night day... looove yu!!!!<3                                                                                                                                                                                            

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