Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

day 58. pumpkin carving!!

today it was a niiice day!! i woke up at 9.00 did my bed. and dress up for church. we were too lat for first service so we went to the second at 11.30. it was very nice.  there were too beagles and stuff. so after church we went to a mexican restaurant. it was very good --> the food. i had a steak. and it was wonderful to sit with the family and eat lunch. there was too a tv were guys were fishing catfish. i was very facinated so i like to do this too once. then we went home and carved our pumkins. chris's girlfriend was here too we had a lot of fun. sadly i took a very hard pattern. one with werewolves.. i had like 3 hours. then we looked a movie called "taken." it's a sad movie,(i think.) while we were watching michele put the sews of the pumpkins in the oven and then we ate them there were awesome good. then i went out with star for a walk. it was nice i phoned with my mother in sui. and she just told me that it's snowing backthere.'^^
when i got home i had dinner. there was pizza. after this I went up in my room and begun to do my PPT for the volcano Mt. FUji..
here are some pictures from the pumpkincarving:

soo good night everybudy.!<3

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  1. What a fun time! You did good on your wolves jack-o-lantern! Everybody did good!