Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

day 55. Tie/Tie-dye Day

today i woke up very early! so early means 4.10.. i went to morning practise..actually i felt very awake and i was so awake and fit.  so i went to the practise in my fluffy blue socks and didn't knew what was waiting for me.. a right hard training. at the end we had to do sprints and i was sooooo tired..brrr. so then in the class i was really sleepy nearly fell asleep. horribel. in geoscience we had a test which went very well. then at lunch i had smashed sweetpatatos then some bred with gravy and vegtebls. today we had to wear tie's or tie dye's they look like this and they are really famous here...
so in art i was still on my painting. in sport we had to run for like 20 min.and walk too then we could make some workouts. then i had free time till 4.45. in this time i tried to order a swimsuit but i didn't had my visa by me so i'll order it tmorrow. then there was kind of a OKTOBERFEST from the germanclub. but it was very small and i went there too.. i get to know many people. it was very nice. then i went walking with a girl called paige and we spoke about stuff in switzerland or usa. it was very nice. then we went to ariell and amanda and i went phoning with my parents for asking to go to chicago.! i can go. but what i totally forgot is that on this weekend my friend from Switzerland Corinna is coming! so ugh it's horrible.!!! always this decisions.!=( what would you say?
then i had to go for warm up for the meet. it was very funny this meet. i had to do 50 free.(0.33.49), then backstroke (1.33.- ) then 400 relay. i had to swim 100 in this. michelle came too and i was really happy about that! then there was too the seniorate and i could go too there!! it was very nice from them. i got too flowers and garry spoke a few words bout me too. it was veery nice. then we got too a cake after the meet. the other team was from flint it was a really small club with only 8 members. and they had too a deaf girl. so it was quiet interesting.. how they communicate. tomorrow i'll have a morningpractise but no afternoonpractise.! so wish you a nice evening in looove nina!!<3<3<3

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