Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

day 59. mondaymonday

today i got a new record!! the first time i missed the bus..woopwoop'^^ it started like this i put my alarmclock on 6.o'clock nd i left my room at 6.50.. hmmm. then my sisterheart phoned me and we talked for 2 min. i had to hurry up cause i didn't had breakfast. so I ended the phone and ate cereals.. then sarah and i went together to the bus station. why we were walking my grandmother phoned me and told about lily and the cats and and. but we didn't recognize that we are sooo late. so we missed the bus. we walked home and i was so sorry for michelle cause she had to give us a ride now. then i had sooo luck cause my first lesson teacher was late too so he doesn't sign me as a tardy. actually the lessons were all the same as usual(shure with other themes and stuff but these were lessons.) only in geometry i can tell you smth funny.'^^
mr. theisen asked me what i listen too in switzerland. so i showed him, something which is a bit cool too, BLIGG, musig us dr schwiz.. and they were like :" this song is awesome...'' '' best song ever..!!!" and so on.. it was so funny.. then in art we have to finish our first drawing.. for tmorrow.. so i had to take it home. in sport we had theorie.. then in swimming i felt really good but at the end i felt crappy.'^^
when i got home there was swissfood on the table. michelle cooked for us something like Rösti and a Rüebliturte..=P then i took a shower and did my homework which was 10min geometry and english then 3 hours drawing the elefants.. i'm sooo tired now.brrrr.
to here they are and too you can see my new wall. the pins showing were i was everywhere since i came here:

in love and have a fluffy thuesday`!!!y<3<3<3

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