Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

day46. swimmeet baycity west.

Today i woke up earlier. Our dresscode for today was dress up.(<-- swimmeet) so i had a lil bit longer to find out what i would like to wear. I went down for breackfast then walked to school. in school there was kinda a mess. because there was a test which the sophmores had to take. I didn't knew exactly if i had to take it too. so i went to a teacher and asked. and tadaa i didn't have to take it. this test goes 3 hours so i had a easy time. in first hour i could go to the library and do what i like to do. in history the same. then in geoscience i had normal class. we looked a movie about volcanoes. then in geometry we had class about angles. i ate chips called cheetos and they are soooo good.. you will get addicted. later on ariell told me they do something in it that you get addicted.. -

then i had lunch in lunch i had meet soup. and i spilled a bit on my leg where i only wear stockings and it was soo hot. i literally burned my leg.. autsch. then i had too a pear and a chocolate cookie. after this i went to art and i'm still on the elephant picture. marking the different layers. shadows. and and...
the picture which i'm working on looks like this=

then in sport we had to  run for 6 labs then we could play tennis. after this i decided to go home. i thought it would be better than waiting at school for 2 hours. first i didn't found my bus. but now i know that there are two numbers for my place = ''2'' and ''80'' then sarah and i walked home together and i had lunch at home. michelle tried something new and it was perfect. then i spoke with rahel for a while. it was like everytime awesome... it's nice to hear things from ''home''. then i had to go to high school for warm up. at 6 o'clock it started i wasn't that good i had to swimm 50 brest, 50 free, 100 free, 50 free... i was really bad like 3 second worse than my besttime. i don't know if it's because i'm kinda sick or because i eat so much in the last days. =P but yes i was really bad. and that makes me a lil bit sad..(don't ask me why.) but the girls are like everytime sooo nice love them very much. after meet greg took me home. and i had casserole and the applejuicecake which michelle fresh made. then i had to make the dishes and i read to the magazine''glamour'' so now i'm sitting here at 9.21 and have to take a shower. tmorrow i probably wont go to morningpractise.. see yu tmorrow. love yuuu!!! xxx nina

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