Montag, 4. Oktober 2010


today i was kinda messy. stood up at 6.30.. a bit late but doesn't matter. got it to the bus. today it was freeezing i have to buy gloves. really! it's cold. so in school i asked a few what i should take cedar point or homecoming. and the most said cedar point I was really shure that i'll go there. but then later on michelle told me nobody can take me there. so now i go to homecoming. it'll be nice. the morning was like the most. except in art we went in the computer lab and we worked there. they have like 20 macs. soo cool! then i had sport we went in the weightroom and make some work outs. 1rst weightlifting, 2nd crosstrainer, 3rd rowing, 4th bikes, 5th pull-ups and push-ups, streching and last one was weightlifting. it was fun. then in swimming we had a hard one. a lot of distance.. but the confortable thing was that the water was very warm! today we had dryland so i went to the weights again.. michelle came to pick me up and then she told me about cedar point and we said we are going tmorrow to the mall for dress shopping. at home i ate lasagne and chicken. i was soooo surprised a skelleton frightened me so bad. it's one who can speak. and then i saw michelle put everywhere the halloween stuff up. like lighting eyes in the bushes. then gravestones in the frontgarden. and a lloooot more. there are three big frightening dolls in the house which speak when you move. i'll make pictures in the next days. so now sitting here should go to bed earlier this time.. love you all good night!!<3<3<3

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