Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

day 42. homecoming game!

today i slept out for 3 hours. i got up at 9.30 am. then i had to go to the swimmpractise at 10.oo then at 12. michele came and piched me up with her mustang. the deck was down because today was such a nice day. it was very cool to drive like this. then we went to several garage sales. this is when people sell their stuff for very cheep things. and i love it!! i bought a lot of things!( a polaroid for $2...uuu) then we went home and i had to write back letters or mails. after this michelle and i went to the mall and go shopping things for homecoming. so then there was the super game!! i was a lil late but it was still awesome. we won 48:7 it was very nice. i was there with a lot of swimmngfriends.. after the game was finished greg came and picked me up. at home we watched the movie iron man 2. then i took a shower and now i'm liying here. and write.. have a nice day..!! all the best. (pictures will follow.. )

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