Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

day 54. weaky hair&tie day

Today was a tired day. Today was too weaky hair or hat day. I decided to the hair one and brush my hair.  It was veeery puffy though. So when i got to school  went to the german club room and there were several kids and so i spoke with them german. It was pretty cool. Then i had school normal like everytime. Except geometry we had a  test. I n history we talked bout the progressiv change in usa. In geoscience we had a pretest then in art i paint further and in sport we played with some weights. In swimming i was sooooooo tired from yesterday. Then greg picked me up and i eat something then hurried up for get to church. Because there is a woman which wanted to know things bout me for the churchpaper. James had to come too.  Then we had youth group about the outside of a person. That we don’t have to wear the whole time gucci nd prada we have to be nice in the inside. For example there seemed to be two apples with caramel around them. So two persons made a competitions (tom was one of this...) who ate it the fastes. They took the first bite and the other person had a onion inside not a apple. So you have to look to the inside.! Then there were few other information what’s going on, what we are doing. Then i spoke too with sophia the other exchange student how’s going. We went home after this and it was raining cat’s and dog’s..’^^ then i was here and now i’m still here..!! wish you all a nice evening!! Or morning or else.. so good night loove you all greetings nina.!! <3<3<3

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