Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

day45. headache..-.-

hei, today began very tragical. i couldn't speak and i had a bad headache. it wasn't that nice. on the way to bus it was raining and i thought it couldn't be better..'^^
at school i tried to sty concentrated but it was quiet difficult to do that.. in history we had to give in the binder and also fill a paper out about the spanish-us war in cuba and so. it was quiet interesting. then in geoscience we opened a new theme bout volcaneous. in geometry we also had  a new theme starting about parallel lines &co. then i sat by emily and rachel for lunch. both girls from the swimmteam. I took lunch from home. there was soup, chips, ananas and cookies. In art we go further with our picture in the mac. in sport i was soo weak. brrrrr.. we had to run for 10 min. then we went and played madball. something similar like "brönnball". in swimming we had to swim in different series 7,200 yards. and it was a quiet hard training. tmorrow we have a meet against BAy City West. after swimming we went streching and cycling in the weightroom. then came greg and picked me up. for home. there we had dinner. we had squasch and leftovers. for dessert i ate a toast with honey. which I bought on the farmers market. then chris and I watched planet of the aps. horribel!! especially the end! now i'll go and take a shower.. good night everybody.. love yu!

here are pictures of the frontyard and homecoming!

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