Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

day 60. tornado watch

today was very windy day. when i got out for to go to the bus i was nearly blown away it was windy.'^^
i took my jacket and went with sarah to the busstop there i saw we have a new driver. he said we have to be there earlier. at 7.03.. so i have to get up earlier..'^^
this busdriver drove a completly other way but for me it doesn't matter so much. I only have to go to the school at the right time. the school day was like every day. in english we continued reading and in history we read bout reformers. then in geoscience we looked a movie called ''dantes peak'' .. we didn't finished but it's bout a volcanic eruption with pierce brosnan. i like that movie.^^
then in geometry we had a test. after that test there was a announcement: '' excuse me the interruption but there is a tornado watch, that means there are the perfect conditions that there could be a tornado..''
i was soooo excited =P. that would be so cool. but there was only a lot of wind and rain. at lunch i sat by amanda and her friends. one of her friends she brought sweets for us because there is halloween.'^^ it was deliscious. then i went to art. now i'm at the picture with the elefants but i only can use the primary colors and mix them to the real colors. luckily i have a black nd white picture..'^^
then in sport we did real weightlifting. i did my best and lifted and lifted.
then in swimming it was really hard and exhausting but i did my best and tried to swimm good. i'm very tired right now...'^^ then i went outside and looked if there is  greg but there wasn't one. so i texted michelle.. luckily i had my jacket and had warm cause there was a really hard wind blowin. then for dinner we had macaronies and salad. it was really good. after this sarah and i had dishes so we cleaned and cleaned. then i went up and finished my PPT of the fuji vulcano. that took me real long and i had too to do the present box for my grandmother. her birthday is soon so.'^^
A lot of love to you and have a wuunderfuull wednesday enjoy it there wont be a other 10-27-10 again..=P


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