Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

day36. sleepoveeer!

today was a crazy day. i wok up at 9.00 and make omelettes for breakfast. then i took a shower and clean up the room. it was a really hard work because there was a lot of stuff lying around. so all that stuff was for rylie. she is coming today. but i left for sleepover at 5.00. but first i had to answer some e-mails and letters. So we met at 5.00 at Applebees. there we ate some nachos and i took a burger. it was good.! then we went to shreyas home and had a nice girls sleepover. with several funny games. looked a movie: the aristo cats. So niice.. then we danced too a bit with cool discolights.'^^
we had a loong night. finally sleep but only for few hours.! pictures->

wish you a nice evening! love nina <3

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