Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

day 57. shopping with aisha and laura...cornfeald!!

today was a funday. i woke up at 8.30... cleaned up my room, ate breackfast and did the bathroom then we went to the mal to see other exchangestudents from michigan and went shopping. it was real fun though. they came down cause they don't have a mall up there.! we went in all those shops and so. i found my wintercoat. its a really nice one and cheap. i also came to the idea that i could buy a scrapbook. and there were sooooo much stickers i could buy and sooo nice papers. so i'll wait a bit . cause its expensive..=S then i could choose if i go with the girls and the rep. to their home or going to a cornfeald with the church.. i took the 2nd one cause there is a other weekend when i could go to them..
then we went home and i got a present!! from my parents.. and i wanna thank you sooo much they are awesome. i got stockings and veeeerry nice gloves! THANKS! there was too chocolate for the family and stockings for sarah.. then we had to go to the church. i was veery exciting. we had to ride for like a half hour then we had to pay $7 and you got too a lightning band  and it was veery fun in there. me and sarah went alone. there was a really muddy ground and sarah were in flipflops...hehe her feet looked like crab.'^^ my shoes doesn't looked better..'^^ then when we got out (actually not by the real exit..^^) but then we went in the barn and i got one of the caramelled apples it was soooo good.! then we went home. in the car there were too sophia and her  hostsister and other friend.! it was a funny ride. after we put them home we went too tacobell and ate there our dinner. you have too try quessedila it's soo good. for real. mmmh. then when we finally got home I took a shower and now i'm lying here.'^^
there are some pictures from the mall and the cornfeald. all the best love you all..<<3<3

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