Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

day 53. twin day

so here i am. yesterday was twinday. i was a twin with sarah. my sister. we decided to wear a white top, a checked vest and jeans. we also had both plaits. and  sunglasses. then we went to school.. here are some pictures how the school looks like

then sarah and i got both a twincertification from a teacher that we are twins. then i had normal class. in history we had a test. in english we started to read a book called. how to kill a mackinow bird. .. the rest was all the same actually.
then at 3 o'clock i had to be in the varsity locker room for getting ready for the swim meet. we had the meet in gran blanc it's like one and a half hour from here. so we had quiet a long trip as usual with the hot patatoe and stuff. then there i had to swim 50 free for madly relay. after this the 200. free. i was soooo dead after this! feeling it still now. brrr really exhausting`! but i beat my time in switzerland: 2.58..^^ still slow but i'm happy with it.
then i had to swimm too a 50 free in the 200 relay and the 100 in the 400 relay. ther were too 6 diver girls who made a lot of points so we lost sadly.. but it was a really nice meet. there was too a seniorate. so the senior of the swimclub became a speech and a glassbowl with a fish in it.. so cool.!!=P then we drove home and we got there at 10.30. so i was reealy tired and i had a test tomorrow(today). here are some  picture of the meet.:

so wish you all a nice night and stuff!!<3<3<3 in love nina

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