Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

day 47. marching band showcase!!

today i woke up with good mood. i listened to drs 3. they just played the game with the three questions and the "Unternehmen.." then i went down ate breakfast and huried up to school i walked alone and later i found out that sarah had to go to take a test. so i phoned with my family at home and it was very nice. when i got out of the bus i was still talking to my mom and then when the bus was leaving i talked about what there is nice for lunch. what michelle cooked then i realized that i forgot it in the bus. so i had to go in the cafeteria and buy smth.-.-  at school in first hour we started to look at a the movie from the 80's -->SUPERMAN.
then in history we had it bout the spanish-american war and bout the "maine"! then in geoscience we went further with volcanoes. in geometry we have to learn for the test tmorrow. then i had lunch it was funny i sat next to joule..( a guy who is in my geometryclass, he is really funny..=P) he and his friends played cards and it was funy to watch them.. then in art i finally finished my painting. in sport we learnd the first time. we had to sit at tables and fill out papers about lifelongfitness.. then in swimming we had a kinda hard training.."for me." '^^
then it was time for dryland. we done some streching and cycling. when i got home there was some soup and salad. for desert there was the applesaucepie. then i took a shower and after this michelle and i went to the bandconcert from several highschools it was AWESOME..but cold.
i will open a side at youtube so you can look at the videos from the bands. it was very exciting its very organizated and great songs.
here is one from our highschool .there were several highschools it was very nice. and chris played too -->trumpet. then at home i was really cold and drank some tea and a honeybread. so now i'm really have to go to bed. night!!! loooove yu

here are some pictures:
that is midland high. the other highschool in midland...

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