Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

day was windsday

hy there
today i got up earlier than otherdays but at the end i also had to hurry up for the bus. then while we drove to school the busdriver asked us what kind of music we like so then the other said rock. but i think he would put it up tomorrow. then at school i had to make shure that the vulcano project came to mister theisen and i went into the mediacenter. then in english we spoke bout the book, in history we had about too mens who wanted education for the blacks. then in geoscience we finished looking the movie. then in geometry we started a new theme called triangles. at lunch there was a girl who had birthday and  she brought up cookies for all on our table. they were sooo delicious..mhhhh then i met too a friend from germanclub. after lunch i started with the painting of the primary mix. then in sport felicia and i did some '' HARD-WORKOUTS'' it was a lot of fun with her. in swimming we did our best and did a lot of flys and backstroke. we did too freestyle sprints on 25. i had on one 14.9 sec. when i could hold it like this and could make tomorrow my new record.. but i don't really see it. tomorrow i had to swim 200 madly relay the freestylepart and then 50 free. we have the meet against midland high so wish us luck. then there was too stretching. after this i had to wait for 20min for greg. at home there was  spaghettis. then we had to hurry up fo youth group. we spoke about the relationship between us and god. then after this i went home and i saw a package for me..!!!!¨and the badingsuit arrived.. the teamsuit... woohoo.'^^
then it was a really nice evening for me. there was icecream. i took a shower and i tried my badingsuit and too my dress up clothes for tomorrow..--> swimmmeet.
then i answered some e-mails. and i also the best is i don't have so much homework!!
here is a picture of the swimsuite-(i really had too much time.)

so now i'm going in my dreamworld..byebye.
loooove you all.


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