Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

day 52. spirit week!!

today was a nice day. i'm feeling better every hour. so i stood up at 6.00 and made me ready for monday morning. then i went down ate breakfast and headed out in the cold morning. this week is dow high spirit week so everyday is a dresscode. so today every ageclass had to wear a different color. freshman-> yellow. sophmores-> orange, juniors-> white. seniors-> green. when i got in the high school eeeverything was full with posters and it was really cool! tomorrow i will do pictures so you can see how it looks like it's really awesome!
then in english we looked the movie till the end. in history study guide for test tomorrow, science computer lab, geometry normal class. at lunch i sat next to amanda and her friends it was really funny. then in art we started to paint the drawing then in sports there was a other teacher and we learned about warmup and the clothes we have to wear in lifelong. it was quiet boring. we had to write down those things. in swimming we had quiet a hard practise but i really felt good. and it seemed i was a little bit faster than before.=P
but at the end when i saw what i have to swim i was a bit depressed. 50 free relay, 200 free..=( and 100 free relay... WHY.?'^^ today we had too a drylandpractise. we stretched a bit then garry had a speech bout tomorrow and philosophic things. then greg came and took me home. we ate spanish rice and then i went up and made homework. i had quiet a lot. then sarah came to me and we tried stuff on for tomorrow. we are going to be twins. cause tomorrow it's twinday. =P
so i took a shower and now i'm lying in my bed writing to you.!
so all the best and greetings from here. good night

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