Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

day 40. nice

today i woke up like every day. i had oatmeal for breackfast and then i went with sarah  like every morning to the busstopp. In school there was always the same. heading from class to class. in English we had to finish the essaq. and in history we had about political things. then in geoscience we made a lil game for the test tmorrow. it was a bit review. we had to answer questions and when we were right we could  keep standing and when you were wrong you have to sit down. the last one got extra credit for the test tmorrow. it's about earthquake. then in geometry we had a test. at lunch i had one of these wraps. in art we went to the computers and we worked at our pictures. in sports we went outside and played kickball. it was very funny. then in swimming it was really echausting and after this we went in the weightroom we did to some streching..when i got home i had dinner then i took a shower and after i was finished we went to the youthgroup... it was interesting. then at home i showed sarah the dress and the others here it is:


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