Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

Day 37. gran rabits..kookoo!

this morning started at shreya. woke up between swimfriends. it was such a funny night!'^^
so i was a bit tired and for breackfast there were some Donauts. then i went outside for greg picking me up but it was soo cold that i went inside again. and playing with tacker.. (this is this absolutely cutie dogidog from shreyas house..) nd i spoke a bit with the others. then greg came and picked me up. the others went to church. greg will go too and i stayed at home and i took a shower. picked up all my stuff and walked towards the church. while i'm walking they picked me up and we went to gran rabbits. for give up rylie to her house. so we had a long trip like 3h first we went to red robin. that's a hudge restaurant where you get freefill pommes frites. and drinks.'^^ AWESOME! and so goood hamburgers it was absolutely nice.!
 then we went in a biig mall it was sooo cool. there they had everythiiing. but first we went to stuff your teddybear. first you have to choose your pet. and it's only the skin. i took a teddy bear.then you can put a sound in it. i took brahmslullabay. you don't have to take one but yes it's exciting.'=P then the stuffing part comes. after this you can choose a normal heart or a beating heart.. and it beats really like a real one. i found that a bit creepy so I took the normal one. I could make a wish and put it inside. then you can give him a shower and after this you had a hudge choice of clothes for your pet. i took a hoodie and jeans..'^^rylie took a halloween dress it's soo cute.. then you have to pick up a name. I took kookoo. there were sooooo much names.'^^
then you have too pay and you got a birthcetificate. i also bought him a passport i was shure that wasn't the last time i was there. then sarah and I went shopping for us own. i went to ABERCROMBIE&FITCH (<3<3<3<3<3<3<3) and bought some jeans. then we went to several shops: aerie, american eagle, vict.secret. express, dicks sport.. and and and.. it was soooo funny with her,'^^
 then at 5.45 we had to leave and we set up rylie at her home. then we drove home and it was sooo long , i thought like this. and i was soo tired that i fell asleep. we got home at 21.30 and now i like to go to bed.''^^
wish you all a superduper nice monday take care.! loove yu all <3

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